Technical knowledge and graphic skills shown in sketches, drawing, models.

Proven abilities to quickly learn new methods, and procedures

Recognized for exceptional communication skills, management facilities in professional accomplishment

Creative sensibility to initiate and develop concepts from starting point through to built reality

Solid experience in working on 5-star international hotel projects from start until completion.

Working with structural engineers, M&E consultants, lighting designers and other consultants necessary in developing a full project design.

Solid understanding of international standards.

Strong sense of colors/materials and atmosphere.

Confident ability in ones daily work with the client, project team and internally.

Good concept design skills and ability to bring the concept into detail design.

Initiative and strong design interest, to help current design team to ensure the project is kept within schedule

Flexibility, diligence, reliability and sense of responsibility.


Interior design project
Hospitality projects 2018 - 2006

"Mozart Autos", Nice Suzuki, Alfa Roméo, Fiat Abarth, Mazda, Jeep, Showrooms office and workshop, add a new level in the factory,  totale mission with SEA Architecture

"Mairie de Venelles", entrance lobby, pole internet, offices, conception mission.

" Crèches du Sud" Parangon, la Maison d'Angèle, Smartseille, Chanterelle in Aix and Marseille: graphism, design details for intériors in these building "développement durable" matérials chosen to fit the " écolo crèche" distinction.

"Home Store Balitrand" renovation 3500 m2 showroom in Cannes , study, conception and site supervision with In terra and Sea architect on very short planning.

Throught these different projects, on my own business or behalf an architectural agency, I was working with structural engineers, M&E consultants, lighting designers and other consultants necessary in developing a full project design.

With my solid understanding of international standards, I was able to lead a design/project team for a hotel, resort as detailed below.

«Golf Cannes Mougins" with In Terra 

«Holiday Village AEC les Cèdres» in Grasse, interior design tender drawing and documents to renovate every bedrooms, I worked with economy and contractor planner department in order to organise the site with minimum disorder impact for clients.

«Accor Ibis Red & Blue » I was a project manager at Archange studio to work closely with the design Director to develop a suitable design for the project.

to renovate through Europe every resorts type Ibis Red or Blue from the group Accor to supervise and prepare complete layout and document file for primar projects around Paris called : “Lafayette”, “Porte d’Italie”, “Porte d’Orléans”, “ Vélizy”.

«Mc Donalds» convention 2012, as a project manager at Archange studio, my mission was :

to develop concepts from starting point through to built reality

to ensure the project is kept within schedule

to work with the 3D Visual Team

to develop a concept sketch into a developed 3D design

For new Mc Donalds Concepts (Family &Transparence), I was in charge of interior & furniture details, finishes equipments and materials specifications to make prototypes to finalise manufacturing process before marketing.

«Holiday Village AEC les Cèdres» in Grasse, interior design for reception areas

«clubhouse FSR Terre Blanche», in Tourettes : interior design concept and plans to renovate the Lounge bar

“Holiday Village AEC les Cèdres” in Grasse, interior design concept to renovate every bedrooms

“Four Seasons Resort” in Terre Blanche Domain, office space planning and decoration in main builing and clubhouse

“Maeterlinck” Cap de Nice, extension for luxuous apartments with JP. Gomis architect, marketing furniture layout and presentation.

Sansoe Architect
Cannes, France  2003-2005

«SPA Terre Blanche», sanitary details for handicap

«Villa Soleil», interior design concept and plans - electricity and air conditioning layout

«Four Seasons Resort», Terre Blanche Domain, construction drawing supervisionSite supervision: 115 Suites of the resort, Main building, Clubhouse, Poolhouse

Neumayer & Partners
Antibes, France 2000-2002

«Four Seasons Resort Provence» in Terre Blanche Domain, project schedule. I was in charge of the main building and Clubhouse team:

to lead the design team in the project : concept/ presentation/ layout detail/ tender drawing & documents

to liaise with necessary consultants (electricity and air conditioning ingeniors ) regarding the project and to discuss and carefully consider how to incorporate their comments into the design

to specify suitable and international standard material finishes, accoring to Four Seasons standards

to liaise with the project assistant in development of a materials library

Voila Interior Design
Free lance, Australia 2000-1998

«The Boathouse» 4 stars resort in Port Douglas, concept, project layout, furniture detail for indonesia manufacturing

«Lanaï» tropical architectural housing for Real-estate development, high quality design and decoration, work with javanes and balinese factory.

«Bay Village Terraces» 48 holiday apartements, detail and specification, interior design concept mission

«The Palace» transformation of a cinema into a backpackers, interior design concept mission

Residential projects
2018 - 2006

Projet  4 properties in Peymeinade with 11 flat included 6 disable one, with SEA Architecture

Extension Villa L in Opio and pool garden refit plage

Villa bio climatique in wood KLH , south of France, total mission

Rénovation Villa Morissetin Peymeinade, 250 m2

Rénovation luxe Property 6 bedrooms with pool and exteriors, Antinéa in Antibes, 550 m2

Complete or partial interior design mission from study, to prepare presentations for client, consultant and/or relevant parties, to construction design, planification and site supervising for an extension/ renovation of a living place :

Classic appartement TK, rue d'Antibes Cannes, complete mission

Turrillo villa, renovation, complete mission

SCI Lapis Lazuli, interir design of wood building property

Bastide la Croix property, Grasse, complete mission

"Villa Berry" la Roquette sur Siagne, complete mission

"Appartment R. in  Nice, and L in Antibes, complete mission

" Empyree properties" in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, DCE for Carte Blanche Design Monaco, and APS for London Building luxuous appartments as cap de Nice Property

“Periclès” property in Antony : sur elevation of pavillon house

“Dumazert” apartment in La Roquette/S, south of France

“Washington Financal group” city house in London, with In Terra

“Tiar” apartment in Paris, with In Terra

“Rotov” building in Russia, with In Terra, design for 5 stars standard, spa area

“Ehly” property in south of France

“Michoud” flats in Grasse, France

“Teyssier” property in Châteauneuf de Grasse, France

“Khudokormov” property in Tourettes, detail I.D mission, collaboration with Sansoe architect, high quality work and finish

“Olivero” property in Peymeinade : study mission for renovation

“Beauregard” property in cap de Nice, complete I.D mission interior / exterior for luxurious renovation

“Solemar” apartment in Nice, complete I.D mission for front sea rental

“Kononov “ property in Tourette, detail I.D mission, collaboration with Sansoe architect, contemporary detail, high quality work and finish

“Dalmasso” property in Peymeinade, complete I.D mission for family renovation

“Reuther” property in Auribeau sur Siagne, complete I.D mission for partial charming renovation and decoration

“Lepreux” tranform a farm into appartments in Pégomas, study mission

“Leprêtre” property in Peymeinade, complete I.D mission for personalised renovation of part of the house

“SCI Louise 4ème” apartment in Nice, complete I.D mission

“Lacombe” duplex in Nice, complete I.D mission, site supervision, modern type

“Wiseman” property in Tourettes, complete I.D mission, collaboration with Sansoé architect, personnalised detail & decoration, high quality work and finish

“les Bruyères” property in Vals, study, contruction layout mission

“village home” Auribeau, complete I.D mission : how to bring modern space and feeling into a traditional house

“Casa Mare” villa in Mentons, complete I.D mission

“SCI Louise, 5ème” Appartment in Nice, contract, Site supervision

“Studio croisette” in Cannes, complete I.D mission, modern renovation for rental

“Ushakova” property in Tourettes, complete I.D mission, collaboration with Sansoé architect, personalised applied art & decoration, high quality work and finish

“studio Berry” in la Roquette sur Siagne : small space design“Sancerre” property with Artec architect, perspectives, study mission, detail and décoration, client presentation

Sansoë Architecte
Cannes, France 2005 - 2003

Interior design mission : from client presentation, meeting, communication, to produce detail drawings for production of the interiors, to site supervision, in Terre Blanche Domain, Tourrette France of these luxuous properties :

«Villa Popikova», art deco styl

«Villa Blamires», provencal

«Villa Boyce», classic

«Villa Lago», modern

«Villa Hopp», high tech

Before 2000

SANSEN SAMAS : I was the south of France manager of the study design team for this space planner cie that sells office furnitures (client type : CAF URSSAF SBN, national french organisation).

« Fred’s Flower » Interior design mission with Sansoe architect for a Cannes flower shop

« Flightboat » : perspectives and rendering to lounch the boat/ flight project« NQ rental » concept & global design for a luxuous campingvan.

« Hospital » in Cairns, australia, extension and renovation of the council hospital, exiting layout survey for coordination of the site

« hospital 4ème age » extension and renovation of the health care builing with P.Barillot Architect

« Toray plastic Europe », reception area and office interior design, with P.Barillot Architect, Bourg en Bresse

« Mutuelles de France », graphic & architectural standards book for the health care company office to be changed through the country, with P.Barillot Architect

« Préfecture de l’Ain », rénovation of city council offices with P.Barillot Architect

« Collège et lycée La Cotière in la Boisse » hight school project with P.Barillot Architect, concept interior work

« Test », restaurant, grill, banquet, pool and concert stage with Espace 26 architect in Montélimar

1993, 94, 95 scenography show Montelimar Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Huguette Paio Cie.

1997- 2000 ArtAustralia Cairns Tank (contempory art center): exhibition of “silhouets” mixed media, collage, inksAustralia Cairns Film Festival,

Tati celebration, set fare scenography


Ecole Boulle. La Martiniere Terreaux
2000 - OPQAI 937

96-2000 : qualification by the order of interior designers from France,


training course at JM Wilmotte Agency Paris jully 96

96 DSAA : Advanced Diploma (bachelor) of Applied Arts, passed with honors, Martinière Terreaux, Lyon

training course at Réna Dumas Agency Paris jully 93, Hermes

94 BTS higher technician certificate of Interior Architecture, Ecole Boulle, Paris 91 French bachelor C, visual arts option (art class combined with scientific class), honors in essay