You can work with us on 3 different ways


Preliminary study : Scketches

To answer to a curent demand, we offer a service to prospective buyers, investors or just individuals who want to modify or adapt their interior to their new way of life ; in order to estimate any renovation possibilities, indeed well thought out it will save time and budget for the bulding. We establish the principle of plans, together environments that allow you to take ownership of the project in all its forms before embarking on a building site.

Remuneration package for a feasibility study of a property to be acquired,

Renovation program as defined set in the context of a capital valuation of its habitat. Charging 25 euros excluding VAT per m2, 20% VAT.

Price of a folder realized within 7 days, after reception of the 40% deposit

More information

With that solution  you can have every interior design and administrative documents to choose to go on by yourself or with our professionnals. 

Our departement Global Design will be able to supervise the site,  and organise everything to  take care of your project for you, set tenders with each craftsmen and contractors : that will save you money and provide the best interior design quality.

Global design

Qualified since 2000, I work as an interior designer on complex projects from study to completion, with a team of specialists, ingeniors, architects, decorators, media techniciens, building contractors, selected craftsmen for high expertise and qualities. We design custumised plans, these details are making the upscale style !

Fee within architect and interior designer system : between 10 and 15 % of building budget for the complete mission, for some part of the mission, according to the task fee (preliminary study, project, site supervising, etc).

Déco & Art

Free quote for decoration task, that means presentation proposals, choice, order and setting of furniture, lights,  sheers, curtains and accessories, linens, ware house… and also art work.

In residential and hospitality project we are encouraging this decoration mission. This is what brings the atmosphere of the space created.