Some projects

The Team

For the "eco label" Child Care center we shoose materials and equipments for their environnemental concern: cork, wood, glass, ceramic, low energy light and heating.

In the refitting of "Home Store Balitrand" architects and interior designers closely work with our client and managers of each district : furniture, outdoor,  decoration, lightening, radiators, kitchen and bathroom accessories. We also associate with other designers as acoustic, graphism, landscape. To control cost and timing, contractors were included in the study process.  The retail shop was ready to welcome custumers in less than 4 months.


In residential type, my mission starts with study, goes on with site supervising to complete with fitting, furniture, curtains, art. We propose to futur real estate buyers a special fee for the esquisse mission. For more than 15 years I get used to work with serious artisans with incredible skills and « savoir faire ». Within schedule we manage optimal reception work and take charge of the project for a turn key solution.

Global design

From bakpackers to 5 stars resort and spa, I enjoy working with a large range of talentuous collaborators and contractors. Each project needs specific details that we design. 

Energy saving, innovative ideas, regulation, respect deadlines, time saved, warranty work, quality implementation, control of the costs are part of our role as interior specialists.


My approach concerning interior design or decoration always begins with preliminary drawings. Every ideas are noticed on a sketch book. In journey, watercolor or pastel replace ink.

In my installation « Passage» exposed, I was interested by the link between poetry and colors, materials. That could be the purpose of my work as Marine Guigue global design!

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work